Liebster Award (For Georgia)

1. What is your life like?
My life is complex. I am always on the brink of something. Darkness is a unique companion, but the light is within reach. There is no end to what I can do, if I can get out of my own way. Otherwise, I live a very quiet, unassuming life. I am very private, so that is the extent to what I will say on that subject.
2. Can you still do the Macarena? If so, please upload a video of your efforts.
I have never done the Macarena. I am very proud of that fact.
3. What are your secret (and not so secret) skills?
I have a keen ability to spot great writing. I can almost smell beauty.
4. What is/would be your novel about? Give us the plot.
I have done a lot of writing on a novel, which will be about a rather hapless person who gets pulled into grand intrigue. It is something that has been done over and over, but I feel I have something unique to offer.
5. Who is your least favorite person and why?
I would say that there is a tie with four or five co-workers. I will leave it at that.
6. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?
When it comes to my culinary palette, I am not adventurous. I adore crab legs. Not weird, but just something that I have a deep passion for.
7. What’s the stupidest thing you’ve ever done to impress someone?
I guess like everyone else, I have done ridiculous things, almost always in trying to impress a potential mate. I really try to prevent such occurrences today.
8. If you could change a story, which would it be and why? (I hated the ending of Alias Grace!)
The Last Tycoon by F. Scott Fitzgerald was problematic. I think this would have been resolved if he would have been alive to finish the novel.
9. What stops you from killing yourself?
My children, without question.

10. What would your acceptance speech be if you won an award (maybe even this one)?
I would certainly give props to all the brilliant, beautiful people who have made everything possible for me. I would certainly talk about others and not myself.
11. What is your favorite thing about famous poet Georgia Park?
I adore Georgia. Georgia Park has a smile that lights up my world. Besides that she is someone that I cherish dearly. She is destined for greatness. It is exciting to think about where she will be in a year, or five years. I believe Georgia Park will be one of America’s great poets on day. It is exciting to be a part of her journey. Discovering her might be one of my greatest accomplishments.
[I do not do awards, but I am doing so because Georgia nominated me. Thank you Georgia. I am honored.]

My nominations:

Kindra Austin (my dear friend)

Mick Hugh 

David Lohrey

Gospel Isosceles

My Screaming Twenties

Cstar Wells

Sam Lucero

[There are so many. I am leaving off some of my favorites that I have nominated in the past.]


Liebster Award (For Georgia)